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  • ITIL Foundation (also known as ITIL v3 and ITIL 2011 edition)

    IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) is the most widely adopted framework for IT Service Management in the world. It is a practical approach to identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to the business. It describes how IT resources should be organized to deliver business value, documenting the processes, functions and roles of IT Service Management (ITSM).

    ITIL is created by the Cabinet Office and owned by AXELOS. ITIL best practices are explained in the five core guidance publications outlining the fundamental ITIL principles that focus on various areas within the service management discipline.

    ITIL best practices also underpin the foundations of ISO/IEC 20000, the International Service Management Standard for organizational certification and compliance.

    • ITIL Foundation (known as ITIL v3 and ITIL 2011 edition)
      1. The ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management is the entry level examination for the scheme. There are no pre-requites for this examination.
      2. The ITIL framework is split into 5 core sections:
    • Service Strategy
    • Service Design
    • Service Transition
    • Service Operation
    • Continual Service Improvement

    These sections are documented in five volumes which cover the ITIL service lifecycle, beginning with identification of customer needs and ending with an evaluation and improvement stage

    • Provides a single documented framework for IT best practices that flow across the IT organization.
    • Reduces IT costs and justifies the cost of IT quality and supports improvement of user productivity.
    • Supports ability of IT to measure and improve internal performance and service provisioning.
    • Improves communication and information flow between IT and the organization and business departments and identifies roles and responsibilities for IT Service Management.
    • Improves ability of IT to adjust as business opportunities and challenges are presented.
    • Improves relationship of IT with the business – builds trust.

  • The ITIL® Foundation Certificate is a two/three day course in which delegates will gain a comprehensive grounding in the aspects of ITIL® service management. Delegates will prepare for and sit the one hour, multiple- choice ITIL® Foundation certificate in service management exam. The course consists of short lectures, exercises, discussions, examination technique training, sample examinations and culminates in an invigilated exam on the second/ third day.

    In documenting best practice ITIL® has laid before us a professional approach to the provision of IT services. In the ITIL® world measurement and monitoring are critical. We are able to focus on the needs of the business and to measure the performance of the services offered, reviewing and improving on a continual basis.

    Critical among costs the Service Management disciplines is Availability Management. If services are not available then it’s not a service. All the service support and service delivery disciplines work together to deliver agreed levels of service availability to our customers.

    Delivery of service availability to meet customer needs benefits the whole organization. Customer satisfaction is greatly increased, as is the motivation of those staff involved in service provision.

    Overall, professional IT Service Management disciplines will deliver improved quality of service to customers enabling the business to reduce costs, derive higher revenues and hence increased profit.

    This course leads to the ITIL® Foundation level certification. Delegates are prepared for the Foundation examination and will normally take this examination on the second/third day of the course. The Foundation qualification is a per-requisite for the ITIL® Intermediate examinations.


    • Individuals who require a basic understanding of the refreshed ITIL® framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization.
    • IT professionals that are working within an organization that has adopted and adapted ITIL®, who need to be informed about and thereafter contribute to, an ongoing service improvement program.

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Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia

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Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia

14/06/2018 - 16/06/2018 & 8:45 am - 5:30 pm
Sydney, Sydney New South Wales

18/06/2018 - 20/06/2018 & 8:45 am - 5:15 pm
Perth, Perth CBD WA

18/06/2018 - 20/06/2018 & 8:45 am - 5:30 pm
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